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Foil à deux, Greta Thunbergs family living in a collective delusion. 

Foil à deux, or induced delusional syndrome, is a relatively rare disorder, the name meaning "two people's madness". Foil à deux troubles people with close emotional ties, usually within the same family. The disturbance can be spread to other people. According to Greta Thunbergs father Svante Thunberg (see video below), his daughter Greta became clinically depressed when she was about 11 years old. The parents stopped working and devoted their time caring for Greta and her sister. After about a year, the girl became better but was increasingly obsessed with human made climate change. The Thunberg family went on with Gretas conviction including accepting that she can "see" carbon dioxide emissions (impossible according to science). Gretas mother abandoned her career as a successful opera singer, the parents stopped flying, became vegan etc.. All in order to please Greta's demands, perhaps even because of the fear that the girl will get sick again.

Now, Gretas father Svante Thunberg, is convinced that the world is heading towards calamity and out of control climate change. He is traveling the world with his daughter on here children's crusade against imaginary man made global warming. We are convinced that the Thunberg family is exploited by alarmists, politicians and media that only reinforce the Thunbergs illusion of climate apocalypse. The goal is to create public opinion enabling power grab and massive investments in expensive and under performing technologies.

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