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Beata Ernman Thunberg, next in line for exploitation

13-year-old Beata Ernman Thunberg, little sister to the climate activist Greta Thunberg is next in line to be exploited by the Ernman Thunberg family and the mainstream media. Beata is interviewed on national TV with focus on her ADHD, bullying and her mental conditions. She is selected for marketing of a series of books written by author Elias Våhlund about superhero, the books are touching the subject of bullying.

Våhlund is also a guest in the TV studio. Beata is wearing a dress illustrating one of the superheroes and singing a song on the same theme. The book “Handbook for Superheroes” series is already translated to 17 languages and gives Beata a chance for an international marketing ture. She is also keen on promoting her singing career following in her mother's footsteps.

Child stars are often damaged by the strains of work and celebrity status. We are concerned that the Ernman Thunberg girls, already psychologically under pressure, will be damaged for life by this public exploitation by the media and others.

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